Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is driven by performance and rapid achievement of our client's goals. One of our greatest strengths is the enthusiasm and energy of our staff combined with a desire to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and Integrity are paramount in all of our activities.

We operate in highly confidential circumstances for many Government and corporate clients.


We act with complete impartiality and independence on behalf of our clients - with no affiliation to any design practice, contractor, valuation company or real estate agency.


We have carried out complex property projects for over 20 years with outstanding results for our clients. Every client and every project is always very important to us in that respect.

The directors and staff are fiercely proud of our reputation for excellence and are well aware that each project is a stepping stone to the next project following a recommendation from a previous client.

Big Picture Perspective

We have the experience to maintain a "Big Picture" perspective in all our projects, because we understand the commercial and operational drivers behind our client's objectives and never forget that property and accommodation is still only a support function for the business activities of our clients.

Probity and Quality Assurance

Bogacki Property Consultants Ltd have quality and probity assurance procedures in place to ensure the protection of their clients.

Up-skilling in latest Initiatives

We continue to up-skill in the latest techniques and trends in the industry and are at the forefront of many of the latest initiatives, including environmentally sustainable property solutions.

Adding Value Philosophy

We have an underlying philosophy of adding value in everything that we do for our clients.

  • We look to add value throughout the entire project
  • We identify potential improvements
  • We look to make a positive contribution to every aspect of the project
  • We are "hands-on" meaning we are not just theorists who write reports - we get involved, roll up our sleeves and make it happen
  • We operate efficiently, minimise wastage and believe in doing it right the first time
  • We share our knowledge with our clients
  • We look for new techniques and better ways to do things at all times
  • We take ownership and take on the issues and concerns of our clients never saying it is someone else's problem
  • We are passionate about all that we do for our clients
  • We see ourselves as an integral part of our client's internal team working with them to achieve their objectives
  • We are proactive seeking solutions by anticipating the issues and potential roadblocks
  • We have a cost conscious culture based on maximising value for money for our clients
  • We protect our client's money as though it was our own, we guard it and hate wastage

Sustainability and Green Buildings

Bogacki Property and its executives are leaders in the implementation of environmentally sustainable designed buildings having been the initiator of green building features in DOC’s Wellington head office (Conservation House) and Customs new head office (Customhouse, Centreport).

The company practices what it preaches with the employment of an environmental science graduate as an associate, the implementation of sustainability principles in its own office and advocacy of pragmatic Green Building initiatives to clients.